Road Map

Start Project - Q2 2021

Project details were created and took its first place on BSC swap exchanges.

Website and Regulations - Q2 2021

The website has been revised and brought to a fully accessible system.

Website and API Systems - Q2 2021

The infrastructure of API systems was created. The first API integration software was released as open source.

System Development - Q2 2021

Partner system was created. The wiki system was created. Web3 systems started to be used in infrastructure. Work on the .APP system has begun.

First Burn - Q3 2021

200,000,000 Gravisible Tokens Burned.

Desktop & Mobile Application - Q3 2021

Desktop and mobile applications were opened to users.

First Exchange Listing - Q3 2021

Listing on the stock market.

Stake System - Q3 2021

The staking system has been released as available.

CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko - Q3 2021

Listing on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko platforms.

New Partnerships - Q3 2021

New partnerships and improved network structure will be created.

More Upgradeable Software - Q4 2021

More extensible software has been released via desktop and mobile apps.

First Major Listing - Q4 2021

Listing on major stock exchange.

2022 Roadmap - Q4 2021

Roadmap created for 2022.