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For a further higher quality more compatible more advanced faster Project.

Start Project - 29 May 2021

Although the foundations of our project were laid in December 2020, the creation date of our crypto currency and the launch of our website took place on May 29, 2021.

Communities and Getting Started - 01 June 2021

The first communities and shares of our project were held on June 1, 2021. We had around 50 holders and 100 community members in the initial phase.

Regulations and Software Infrastructures - 06 June 2021

All the deficiencies on our website have been fixed and a much more UI/UX compatible structure has been provided. The first foundations of Web3 software were laid.

First Burn - 01 July 2021

The first burning of the Gravisible token was made at 200 million units.

First Exchange Listing - July 2021

The Gravisible Project is listed on the BankCex exchange in USDT and BTC parities.

Project Gravisible Fundamental Change - 01 November 2021

In order to progress as a very comprehensive project, the Gravisible project undertook very heavy responsibilities and started to experience problems due to the problems experienced. It was organized to move forward by taking an important decision on November 1, 2021, by renewing its operating area, roadmap, community order, marketing strategies, working and operating principle.

Biggest AMA Event - Q4 2021

In order to announce the Gravisible project to much larger masses and to promote the content and quality of our project, we will gain momentum with an event with a high participation rate.

CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing - Q4 2021

Giving its first priority to CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko listings, Gravisible will fulfill all the necessary conditions for listing in the 4th quarter.

Web2/Web3 Integrated Software - Q4 2021

We will open Web2 - Web3 system migration software and we will release source codes that will have a structure that can be used on all kinds of websites. You can find available code sources on the Documentation page.

Holders and Community - Q4 2021

We will implement strategies to increase our Holders and Community membership to over +2,500. We will move forward by providing airdrops, participation events, live conferences and collaborations.

Construction of New Platforms - Q1 2022

Intensive studies will be started on the popular Metaverse and P2E systems. The 2022 roadmap will be built on these sectors.


Migration to Blockchain - Q4 2022

Gravisible has already rolled up its sleeves and continues to work to transition to its own blockchain infrastructure.