What is the Purpose of the Gravisible Project?

Gravisible is a project that aims to develop software for all kinds of industries using blockchain infrastructures.

What Are Gravisible Applications For?

By using Gravisible applications, you can take advantage of the benefits that the Gravisible project offers for businesses or individuals. The apps are completely free.

What is the Gravisible Project Contract Address?

(BSC - BEP20) 0xdd79c56410fc922552b8afd6d0e29f4f046e4c6d

What Does the Gravisible Project Care About?

Gravisible attaches importance to regular and continuous work in order to be one of the pioneers of the ever-evolving blockchain technology.

Who Is In The Gravisible Team?

The software department of the Gravisible team includes crypto & blockchain experts, web software developers, mobile and desktop application developers. Social media and marketing department includes social media manager, graphic & design specialists, marketing plan manager. The executive board consists of developers, strategists and budget management specialists.

Is It Inconvenient to Link My Wallet for Apps?

Gravisible uses only the "wallet address" information from your wallet information. Other information in your wallet is never requested from you! No action is taken that could put your wallet at risk.

Which Technologies Are Used in Desktop and Mobile Applications?

In order to reflect wallet balance information within our applications, Ethereum WEB3.js (Web3.ETH) systems are used. Web3.js systems are used to provide the wallet connection. Node.JS infrastructures are used in server operation and infrastructures. CloudFlare special protection packages are used against DDoS and similar attacks. Our websites, applications and all other software clients provide services using the same infrastructure.

What's On Your Roadmap?

Gravisible aims to constantly improve itself and become a much more recognized project. In line with these goals, it continues on its way by following the steps in the roadmap. Of course, apart from the items specified in the roadmap, many intermediate updates and innovations are offered to you.

When was the Gravisible Project Established?

The Gravisible project was launched on May 29, 2021. Infrastructure works, budget regulation and operational planning were started on 18 December 2020.

How Does Gravisible Express Itself in 1 Sentence?

We are a project that aims to constantly improve itself.

Where Can I Find Announcements And News?

You can reach Gravisible news and announcements on our desktop and mobile applications, social media accounts and website.

Do You Have RugScreen And HoneyPot Certification?

Of course we have "not SCAM" certificates verified by RugScreen and HoneyPot. You can make inquiries from the websites of the relevant certificate providers.

How can I reach the Gravisible Team?

You can contact us via our developer, market representative or official e-mail account on the About Us & Team page.

In Which Situations Can I Contact You?

You can contact the Gravisible team to get information about our project, to request complaints and suggestions, cooperation, advertisements or assistance.

Where Is Your Contact Information?

You can reach our contact information from the about us & team page on our website.

Who Should We Contact For Advertising And Collaboration?

You can contact MarketKing, our market responsible. You can find MarketKing contact information on the about us & team page.

How Can I Buy Gravisible?

It is possible to buy Gravisible on the Buy Gravisible page or from Swap exchanges that support the BSC network. If you wish, you can buy Gravisible by registering on the BankCex exchange.

Which BSC Swap Exchanges Can I Buy Gravisible on?

It is possible to buy Gravisible on PancakeSwap, DodoEx, 1Inch, PooCoin and DexGuru.

Are BSC Swap Exchanges Trustworthy?

BSC Swap exchanges are systems used by millions of investors. PancakeSwap has an infrastructure supported by Binance.
E.g. https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/a-guide-to-pancakeswap

Gravisible Binance, CoinBase Etc. Why Is It Not In Other Exchanges?

Exchange listings are carried out for certain costs, and the listing order on the exchanges progresses from small to large. For now, we only take part in the BankCex stock market.