About Us & Team

Gravisible is a project that aims to develop software and technology for all industries using blockchain technology. It aims to create plug-ins, enhanced infrastructure software, social media developer bots, API services and many more similar software for blockchain technology.

Developed software is served to everyone via DOCS & API or APP system. It is possible to use these software and integrations as paid or free. Along with the software, mobile and desktop applications are also developed by the Gravisible team. Gravisible never stop developing and uptading itself, It never stops growing

If we give examples of software and API systems; These examples include easy-to-use "Gravisible Network Software" software for B2B, C2C, B2C and similar systems, freelance industry websites, websites offering server & domain sales, blockchain integration/solution systems for platforms with many more technological networks such as streamer platforms. can be done.

Gravisible was founded on May 29, 2021 by 3 partners and developers. New members are added to the Gravisible team over time. Currently, there are 6 team members. You can communicate through private messages to team members from the team page.