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The Gravisible project aims to increase the usage areas of Web3 systems that are developing themselves and to facilitate the adaptation of crypto money projects to today's technologies. It develops and introduces new and unique software/technology ideas to improve Web3 systems and expand its fields of activity. Gravisible, which emerged after Web1 and Web2 systems and wants to play an important role in changing the future of Web3 systems, which are still very new, has been active since 29 May 2021.

The Gravisible project, which is based on developing technology, can also be considered as an additional crypto money project to provide funding. Among the areas where the Gravisible project is active, the most important areas of interest are the development of crypto money systems and working principles, the development of decentralized applications (DApp) systems with new and original software and Web3, providing consultancy and software support to projects that have not yet emerged. In summary, Gravisible aims to benefit the transition of Web2 systems, which are predominantly used in the world of technology, to Web3 systems.