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Purpose and Fundamentals of the Project

Shape Gravisible

Gravisible, which emerged after Web1 and Web2 systems and wants to play an important role in changing the future of Web3 systems, which are still very new, has been active since 29 May 2021. The Gravisible project, which is based on developing technology, can also be considered as an additional crypto money project to provide funding.

New Software for Web3

We produce software for the developing new technology Web3.

Development for Cryptocurrency Projects

We offer software support to crypto money projects that want to improve themselves.

Compatible Frameworks

Software that can work in accordance with Web2 structures.

A Simple Test Web3 Login Example

If you have a standard Web2 type website, you can integrate it into Web3 systems with the help of simplified Gravisible codes. (It is an exemplary creation! It is disabled for use.)

// An exemplary bond structure
const connectWallet = document.querySelector('.loginWallet_WEB3GAV');
connectWallet.addEventListener('click', () => {
async function getAccount() {
const accounts = await ethereum.request({ method: 'eth_requestAccounts' });
const account = accounts[0];
type: "POST",
data: "&DATA="+account,
success: function(result){
// Basic Usage
<\script src="">

Test Example

This structure is built to be usable on standard Web2 programming languages. It was created as an example only.

Please visit the Documentation page to view available software sources.

Token Features

No Tokenomics

We do not have tokenomics. Like every real project, we prefer to progress by proving ourselves.

Liquidity Lock

All of our liquidation is locked by Unicrypt and DxSale, not to be opened until 2030.

Trust in the Project

We have certificates from Rugscreen and HoneyPot that prove we are trustworthy. We also gave up contract ownership.

General Features

Our supply amount is really small (1 Billion) and it is quite suitable for real growth.

Network Information

The token of our project was produced as BEP20 over the Binance Smart Chain network.

How to Buy?

It is possible to buy from SWAP exchanges that support the BSC network, PancakeSwap, DodoEx, PooCoin, DexGuru and similar DApps.

Gravisible Contract Address (BEP20)


Why Should I Invest?

We ensure the growth of our project with the revenues we earn as the Gravisible project. By constantly innovating, we make our project a pioneering and reminiscent structure.

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